David Rea

David Rea

Guitar Player Extraordinaire

"David he would sit in some dark corner
Seemed to melt the shadows with his eyes
And the song that he was playing
Was nothing less than prayin'
And nothing more than sayin' "I'm alive."
Won't you play, Little David
Play Little David, play"
Play Little David by Joni Mitchell

David passed away Thursday afternoon, October 27th, 2011, the day after his 65th birthday.   *  Obituary  *  Tribute Concert 1/29/2012  *

From lead guitar player for Gordon Lightfoot, Ian & Sylvia, Joni Mitchell and others, to a singer/songwriter in his own right, David had a long and rich career in music. He even had a hit song, having co-written Mississippi Queen, a hit for Mountain. Joni Mitchell literally sang his praises; see excerpt above, and the video at her site (with David on 2nd guitar). Read more (David Rea biography).

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